Monday, June 23, 2008

top five!

5.almost got pissed on by a man in a park. i didn't really see anything, but i walked past a tree, and he let out a yelp and stumbled away, still peeing.

4.a room full of assorted people who were laying on the floor, making invisible snow angels, and generally just relaxing. it was the warm-ups for my contact improv class, which is sweet. just google contact improv dancing, and it will all make sense.

3.a beer garden full of czechs dressed up in red white and blue, who were the happiest people i'd seen, until the last 5 minutes of the match, when russia scored twice and won. i thought the place was gonna explode.

2.a group of american college students (from ohio) about to pay 500 crowns for a beer. the handsome barman, (brian gillikin) took pity and told them it was in fact only 30 crowns for beer. it's always fun to ask. know your exchange rate, people.

1.a rose garden lining the top of the large mountain/hill outside of prague. it is tended my monks who stay at the monastery in the middle of the garden, and those monks actually brew their own beer. word.

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