Monday, June 16, 2008


“Prague doesn’t let you go. That little mother has claws…”

It’s only day two and I have found this saying to be quite true. I don’t usually think that love at first sight is a very practical way to describe one’s affections for someone, but I think if you are talking about geographic locations it could be a very fair statement. I had heard of the beauty of Prague, how amazing and historical it was. Well, it’s all true. Easily the most beautiful and well put together city I have ever been to. The public transit system is flawless, and the buildings are eloquently baroque in architecture. There are pubs and cafes dotting every street, and people of all nationalities and tongues are constantly flooding my synapses with appearances and languages that intrigue me to no end.

Break. Right now my roommate Will is playing a Dvorak violin concerto in our kitchen, and it is very VERY pleasing to my ears. His intonation is off the charts.

My team is an amazing group of people from across America, and I am very excited to get to spend the next two months with them. We get along well and are all excited to see what will happen in the next two months. Today was Sunday and so me and the team went to the church plant in Prague 6. It is called Faith Community and technically it is a church plant of Midtown in Charlotte. It is pastured by Phil and Shana Davis, who are a WHM missionary couple. Before and after church the team and I spent all day moving around the city getting acquainted, as our internship will consist of us traveling around the city meeting people for meals or drinks and hanging out with them, getting to know them, and trying to plug them in with the Christian community that the WHM team has formed.

I have so much to say and too much time to say it. I need to let it all simmer a little before I try and form it into words. I’ll be keeping this regular. Check the flickr for pics soon, I gotta find a camera cord to upload them, and I’ll probably do that tomorrow. I left mine at home.



Zay Smallman said...

Dude I don't know if I can...

For one it is a little expensive, but that would be totally worth it.

The bigger problem is that I start classes soon and once those start I won't be able to just pick up and leave. BUT I will feel it out at the beginning and see if there is any way I could just miss a friday. Get on the plane and be with you.

I hope it workS!

sienna or kyrie said...

do simmer. I understand.

this post reminds me of certain ones i wrote while i was away... sitting on the deck of my ship in monrovia and i didn't know how to tell people how far i could see. and not just forward, but backward and sideways and upways and downways and longways... and what i saw in people and what I saw as i was trained and in the little children and the feel of a new wind. everything. often it discouraged me to even write at all because I needed them to have the full picture.

but then i realized.
only i could have it.
it was only mine for this time.
so i tried to give them just a glimpse instead.

thank you for this glimpse. I was able to peak inside. just enough.
let it keep simmering. enjoyit.

"There are pubs and cafes dotting every street and languages that intrigue me to no end."

i see it. and i like this line.
love, sienna

Tobi said...

Thanks for the update!
It really does sound wonderful.
This internship sounds like an amazing opportunity- how cool to meet so many new people in a new place.

sienna or kyrie said...

write, baby, write.

don't let it slip away.