Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easters, and beyond.

Major happenings: Easter break has just occurred, and I have returned to school safe and sound. Safe definitely, sound not so much. I have 3 tests and two papers, all happening in this 4-day academic week. I'm not exactly sure why this is, but it is and I am seriously debating whether or not I have the time to write this post.

Easter was excellent, friends came from near and far and good food was et by all. We had hours of fun on the ping pong table, the trampoline was enjoyed often, going for walks and sitting and smoking away the day on the front porch was one of the preferred pastimes. Oh and not doing anything productive, did I mention that?

This picture is dear to my heart, it shows the incredible flexibility that my friend Kyrie Howard is capable of, and I think it pretty much captures the attitude of our easter break. More amazing flying pictures after the jump!


Toner said...

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Michael Kendall said...


Tobi said...

Hey, this guy congratulated me on my interesting blog. I feel so deceived. Also, I never mentioned how SWEET those trampoline pictures are. Because they are super sweet!

Mary said...

I don't have your e-mail address so I hope you get this note. Did you know that Half Handed Cloud will be playing at Chattanooga--Barking Legs Theatre on Dodds--on Monday night, April 28? Be sure to get a Covenant crowd to come out--I remember that you are a fan.
Happy Exams!

sienna or kyrie said...

i wanna read a summer post.
come on. let's write.

scotch said...

spammer complemented me too... or maybe it was some other guy from brazil. it must be the same guy. i mean - how many people are the in brazil???

could you get your rear in gear and post something. here - let me get you started:

hello again everybody. this is michael kendall. i finished my second year at the ole' wedding mill on the hill and moved into Scott Steere's basement. i got a job at The Chop House in Chattanooga and spent my free time studying menues, spending time with my girlfriend Sienna, and longboarding.

...you get the idea.